Billie Eilish’s Golden Globes Journey


Billie Eilish: Unconventional Views on Coming Out

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Billie Eilish accuses Variety outing

Billie Eilish’s Emotional Victory at the Golden Globes

Billie Eilish opens up about her challenging emotional state a year ago when she watched the “Barbie” movie and was awarded Best Original Song at the Golden Globes for the end-credits track, “What Was I Made For.” She expresses gratitude for the song, co-written with her brother Finneas, acknowledging its role in saving her during a difficult time. This marks their second consecutive Golden Globes win after “No Time to Die” in 2022. Eilish reveals the unexpected personal connection to the song and describes the surreal experience of realizing its profound meaning.

Unconventional Stance on Coming Out

In a candid moment, Eilish addresses her sexual orientation and her unconventional view on coming out. She downplays the significance, expressing a preference for simply existing without the need for a formal declaration. Eilish shares her attraction to women, her struggles relating to them, and her deep connections with the women in her life. Despite inadvertently “coming out” in a Variety interview, she questions the necessity of the concept and emphasizes her support for all girls.

Response to Media Scrutiny and Body Image Struggles

The artist reflects on media scrutiny surrounding her body, highlighting the pressure to conform to societal expectations. Eilish discusses her discomfort with being sexualized, referencing a TikTok trend sparked by her song “What Was I Made For.” She delves into her complex relationship with womanhood, the impact of fame on her body image, and the conflicting messages she receives about her appearance. Eilish expresses her struggle with feeling desirable and feminine, emphasizing the importance of maintaining ownership over her body.

Bold Reaction to Media Intrusion

Eilish reacts to the media’s focus on her sexuality, expressing frustration with the coverage during the Variety’s Hitmakers event. She dismisses the notion of “coming out” and criticizes the media for outing her. Eilish uses her Instagram post to address the issue, combining a thank you for the award with a strong message against media intrusion into her personal life. The post includes a provocative image, suggesting her defiance against external judgments and societal expectations regarding her body and sexuality.


  1. I think that Billie Eilish’s acknowledgment of the emotional solace found in the song “What Was I Made For” highlights the transformative power of music in her life.


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