Justin Bieber’s Pastor Shift


Faith, Friendship, and Controversy: Justin Bieber’s Spiritual Journey Takes a New Turn with Churchome Leader Judah Smith.

Ada Smith

The Hillsong Scandal and Carl Lentz’s Fall from Grace

In the wake of the explosive scandal that led to Hillsong leader Carl Lentzs removal from the church due to infidelity, the fallout extended beyond the religious community, impacting celebrities like Justin Bieber. Once a prominent figure in Hillsong, Lentz’s connection with A-listers, including Bieber, dissolved post-scandal. Three years later, Justin is seen dining with Churchome leader Judah Smith, signaling a shift in spiritual guidance.

Churchome Leader Judah Smith: Controversies and Celebrity Appeal

Judah Smith, leader of Churchome, rose to prominence by transforming a small Seattle-based church into a celebrity-loved megachurch with innovative approaches to organized religion. However, controversies taint his reputation, from accusations of homophobia to questionable personnel choices. Despite these challenges, Judah’s influence grew, attracting stars like Justin Bieber and Kourtney Kardashian, while Churchome’s app garnered over 300,000 weekly users.

Judah Smith’s Journey: From Small Congregation to Hollywood Megachurch

Judah’s journey began as the inheritor of his father’s Churchome, expanding its reach by challenging traditional religious norms. Relocating to Los Angeles, he sought to connect with celebrities, believing they could benefit from his teachings. The strategy worked, propelling Churchome to Hollywood prominence, hosting thousands weekly and accumulating substantial revenue. His longstanding friendship with Justin Bieber, cultivated since the singer’s childhood, played a pivotal role in Churchome’s success.

Controversies, Legal Woes, and Churchome’s Rise to Fame

Despite Churchome’s financial success and Judah’s status as a social media star, controversies, and legal issues persist. Accusations of homophobia, rehiring individuals accused of sexual assault, and allegations of discouraging victims from reporting to the police mar the church’s reputation. Nonetheless, Judah’s unconventional yet influential approach to faith has created a massive following, symbolized by Justin Bieber’s recent association, showcasing a complex intersection of faith, fame, and controversy.


  1. I agree. Justin Bieber is amazing. I like his music, style, and the way he connects with his fans. His talent and dedication really shine through in everything he does.

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