Nevada judge attacked


Noah Davis

A Chaotic Courtroom Clash Unfolds: Defendant’s Violent Outburst

In a shocking turn of events during a felony battery case in a Nevada courtroom, defendant Deobra Delone Redden’s attempt to persuade the judge that he was reforming quickly escalated into chaos. The courtroom video depicted the moment when Redden leaped over the judge’s bench, grabbing Judge Mary Kay Holthus by her hair and initiating a violent brawl with court officials and attorneys. The disturbing scene unfolded swiftly, leaving the judge injured but not hospitalized, as courthouse officials recounted the chaotic incident.

Legal Ramifications and New Charges: Fallout from the Violent Outburst

Following the courtroom clash, Redden, now facing charges of extortion and coercion with force, refused to return to court on Thursday for new charges. The judge subsequently rescheduled his appearance for January 9, adding seven counts of battery on a protected person for the assault on the judge and officers who intervened. The defendant’s violent resistance to being handcuffed led to a physical altercation with multiple court and jail officers, resulting in injuries, including a hospitalized courtroom marshal with a bleeding gash on his forehead and a dislocated shoulder.

Prosecutor’s Call for Detention: Defendant’s Troubling Criminal Record

Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson emphasized Redden’s extensive criminal history, marked by predominantly violent offenses, including three felonies and nine misdemeanors. Wolfson argued that Redden poses an extreme danger to the community and is a flight risk, advocating for his detention without bail. The courtroom drama underscored the challenges of managing a defendant with a history of violence who had been temporarily released as part of a prior deal with prosecutors.

Defendant’s Plea and Judge’s Intentions: Tensions Boil Over

At the sentencing hearing, Redden, not shackled or in jail garb due to his previous release, appealed for leniency, claiming a commitment to doing the right thing. As the judge signaled her intent to imprison him, Redden’s outburst, filled with expletives, escalated the situation. The courtroom chaos not only raises questions about courtroom security but also highlights the complex nature of dealing with defendants with violent tendencies, adding to the broader conversation about legal and judicial challenges in cases involving individuals with a history of aggression.



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